At MpowR we are committed to providing our clients with effective and up to date safety management services and solutions. Our highly trained staff and certified health and safety practitioners deliver our safety programs to corporations, communities, and individuals. Our aim is to deliver refinement, development, and review of already existing or new safety practices to our clients.




Health and Safety Management System

Mitigation of injury's and near misses

Developing hazard assessment tools

Quarterly inspections

Quarterly health and safety meetings

Sourcing cost-effective training for committee members

We work directly with you and your team collaboratively to create a comprehensive Health and Safety Management System including policies, tools and reports that best fit your organization’s needs. Safety requirements in Organizations change rapidly, due to that we are continuously refining our practices to provide the most up to date services.

For more information on our Safety services contact:

Alisha Stevenson Quality Assurance Specialist – OH&S

780-440-2390 ext 290