Our team of professional IT consultants, developers, and programmers offer a wide range of computer support services to service your organization. Our goal, is to provide proper system and infrastructure designs to our clients that will ensure reliability, high performance, and ease of use.




IT Consulting
  • Review and training of our technologies
  • Troubleshooting and support
  • Analyzing and upgrading weak points and potential system threats
Phone Systems
  • Setup
  • Preventative Maintenance
Web Development
  • Existing website management and development
  • New website development
Internal Technologies Consulting
  • In house developed software specialized for non-profits
  • HR system technologies
  • Accounting system technologies

We encourage customized solutions to better fit the IT needs of your organization. Due to this, our team can help with solutions, development, and support that best fits your organization. Our in-house servers allow us to remotely access your systems and provide real time support when you need it.

With collaboration we can build the best solution for your organization. MpowR specializes in customizing services to best suit your organization’s needs.

For more information on our IT services contact:

David Tang Director of I.T. Services

780-440-2390 ext 241