Child Youth Support Services (CYSS) aims to provide help with agencies short term coverage for vacations, sick leave and other vacancies. This service provides a safety net allowing agencies to be prepared for short staffing.




Child and Youth Care Workers for Group Care Programs

Youth Workers

Crisis Support or 1-1 Workers

Supervised Visit Workers

Transitional Support Workers

The CYSS team consists of a resource pool of approximately 170 casual staff at any given time, from a variety of educational backgrounds. The team is managed and supported by the Manager of Program Supports and Professional Development. Workers receive direct “in the moment supervision” while on shifts by the full-time staff or management of the program they are working in.

Our services provide casual staff to various social services agencies in Edmonton and surrounding areas, Central Alberta.

For more information please contact:

Brian Hall 

Director of Quality Improvement and Professional Services

780-440-2390 ext 295